Why Vegetarianism is Better

Many people go vegetarian or vegan to help the world . But some don’t even know why it is a better choice. Here I will tell you why it is a better choice for us the earth. First, we will start with carbon emissions. The majority of meat eaters eat meat that was farmed. Meat farming takes up 41% of the land in the US. That is almost half! And that means a lot of greenhouse gasses are released. Methane is produced by the animals and carbon dioxide is produced by making supplies for taking care of the animals. Also, trees suck up carbon dioxide and when they are cut down, in this case to make fields, all of that carbon dioxide is released. Not to menchine all of the animals that lose their homes. Some studies show that paleo and carnivorous diets produce 4 times as much greenhouse gasses as plant-based diets do. Finally, with meat farming taking up 41% of the land in the US, just think of how many homeless shelters, refugee camps, and other places that we need more of could be there instead of using that land for something we don’t need. I’m not saying you have to switch to a plant-based diet, but if you want to help the earth, I would suggest giving it a try.

What People Say

Now, I know not all meat eaters eat farmed meat that is bad for the environment. Many people are aware of the issues of farmed meat and only eat wild-caught meat. However, this is just a small group of meat eaters and hardly any meat eaters want to make the change. That is why people should become vegetarian, to set an example for all meat eaters. It would get too complicated if just the responsible meat eaters ate meat and other people would also want to eat meat but not do it responsibly. And, most people switching over to a plant-based diet will reduce the demand for farmed meat. Once again, I am not sating you have to, I am just trying to make a better, more peaceful world.

Let’s make changes together.


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